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~ღ♡ღ♡ღ~ 4.07.2010 ~ღ♡ღ♡ღ~


SaphirAngel's Curtis | chocolate-spotted boy | live in Germany for breeding


SaphirAngel's Charly Brown | chocolate-spotted boy |  live in Germany as pet


SaphirAngel's Ceasar the Great | chocolate | live in Norway for breeding


SaphirAngel's ChocSpot Bisou | chocolate-spotted | stay with us


SaphirAngel's Cassiopeia | lilac-tabby-point | live in Germany as pet


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    rose ginther (Sonntag, 03 Juni 2012 05:40)

    we are interested in a kitten similar to SaphirAngel's Charly do you ship to canada thanks

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